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    I want to thank you for not making me fill out a five page questionnaire just to sign up. It only took me a couple of minutes and I was browsing through hundreds of profiles that all had one thing in common - the men on this site are true gentlemen, are established in their success, and are looking for a classy woman to pamper and enjoy good times with. So much different and better than any other dating site on the web! I love it!
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    I've met the man of my dreams who both takes care of me and is my new best friend. He is my true provider, my mentor and my intimate partner. He spoils and cares for me emotionally and financially and I am so attracted to him. He has all the special qualities I've searched for on so many other sites only to come up empty. It was a perfect match right from the beginning. The community of people on this website is so much different. Higher caliber, more successful, attractive men who truly wish to share their success with a classy woman who loves to give back!
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    Who doesn’t want to be appreciated and pampered? The truth is there are many men who are very successful and very generous. They are looking for sophisticated, classy, sexy, young women who know how to carry themselves and take care of their man. The community of men on Millionaire Dates is incredible. Everything I was looking for in a mutually beneficial relationship was very easy to find. In fact, the choices of available men seem limitless.
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    I have always entertained the idea of a mutually beneficial relationship so I could just cut to the chase and get the girl of my dreams. I was really impressed by how many beautiful women I met at Millionaire Dates but the best one stood out about 3 weeks after I joined. I had went on some very satisfying dates with some really exquisite women and was having a great time. Then I met Dana. Very beautiful, sweet personality, incredible body, comfortable with her sexuality, and someone I'm very proud to have on my arm.
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    I've always wanted to be a "Special Provider" so I could meet a younger and attractive mate for travel, fun and more. No other site has the quality of women that you have! I love spoiling my "Special Girl" and can't wait to see where our relationship takes us. The beauty is that all the women want what the men have to offer and vice versa. It's a well-balanced mix of women and men! All the girls are drop-dead gorgeous and honestly, I find myself competing a bit for the attention of all these amazing women!
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    If you are a young, hot and sexy girl looking for a generous man who LOVES to share his success, your search is over! Forget the other sites that are packed with men who are just looking to get laid or don't have a dime to their name. This entire site has thousands of men that love to travel, that love to share, that want to take care of someone they consider to be special to them. I was so impressed immediately after joining. All I can say is that the QUALITY of men cannot be beat - period!

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